November 23, 2016

Direct Metering Agreements & Metering Contracts

Retail electricity contracts must now allow consumers to enter into a Direct Metering Agreement (DMA).  The DMA is a contract with a registered metering provider and is separate to your retail electricity contract with your retailer.

Under Australian Energy Market legislation electricity metering must be carried out by  – an accredited Metering Provider.

Benefits of using us to broker you a Direct Metering Agreement (DMA):

  • you will save $$$ lots of money
  • We search the market to show you who is cheapest
  • We explain who is best value
  • Most importantly we tell you who to avoid regardless of price
  • A wide variety of real-time reports on your energy use are made available, enabling more accurate monitoring of energy use

Best of all we provide this service FREE to you.  We negotiate better rates for you and the metering company pay us a small margin to run this service.

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Additional Metering Services Available:

  • Sub Metering (meter tenants, departments or individual pieces of equipment to allocate costs).
  • Power Quality Reporting (proof that a a voltage spike or bad power quality from the grid caused equipment failure and make the electricity supplier pay for a replacement or repair).
  • Online access to near real-time and/or historic energy use from your revenue meter
  • Demand management and alerting services
  • Automatic report generation
  • Meter Data Analysis
  • Check Metering/Billing – (a service that uses a second meter to “check” validity/accuracy of the utility meter and then create “shadow billing” to validate your retail electricity bill.



If you have a retail agreement with AGL – we will save you money
ERM Business Energy are a great retailer but we can save you a lot of money on their metering costs.
Aurora Energy for those in Tasmania are lovely people but we can get you a big discount on their metering charge.

All large businesses with C&I contracts are paying metering charges regardless of retailer – we will make sure you don’t pay more than you have to.