November 23, 2016

Bill Error Checking

Errors in energy bills can and do appear in many ways. At EnergyROI we use base level data from time-of-use metering to rebuild a bill from the bottom up and run checks to ensure that you are not paying too much. For larger clients we can also install independent check meters that can be used to compare and confirm that the retailer’s meter data is correct.snipimage

EnergyROI also carries out detailed tariff analysis and simulations based on this smart meter time-of-use data so we can ensure that your business is on the most cost effective tariff for your current and future needs. Many businesses have never had tariff analysis performed and simply rely on their retailer to advise them which tariff is the most suitable as, for retailers, it is often not in their interest to conduct this type of analysis as it may result in customers paying them less for their energy Рa cost with no benefit. As part of the tariff analysis process we can also identify any other inefficiencies as well as alternative energy options which can result in substantial savings and returns for your business.