November 15, 2016


Equipped with some of the most advanced thermal imaging and remote electrical measurement devices, Energy ROI engineers can quantify wasted energy, price upgrade solutions and calculate your subsequent return on investment. The thermal image presented here allowed us to identify and quantify a saving for the client of $558 per annum in just 1.5m of pipe for a negligible capital and labor upgrade cost.  As well as heat loss, Energy ROI can quantify savings, design solutions and provide installer recommendations associated with items in agricultural applications from dairy cooling system upgrades to shed lighting retrofits to irrigation pumping modifications and beyond. Current agricultural audits underway include mixed livestock and cropping operations in the Northern Midlands, chicken farming operations and a number of dairies on the North West and North East regions.







For commercial, government and industrial facilities, Energy ROI can provide quantification of losses associated with lighting, space heating/cooling, cool room performance and associated upgrades. Knowing where you energy is being utilized is the first step to quantifying energy losses and taking subsequent upgrade action. Our team is trained to see energy the way others would see form or motion and we will develop business cases to enable you to prioritize your upgrades accordingly. Current project include emergency service facilities, local council buildings, hotels, bottle shops, nursing homes and factories. In many situations the items identified for modification can have a substantial energy saving but be performed with minimal capital outlay, often with payback periods less than one year. For more complex energy applications, Energy ROI can assist your operation with solution development, tender requests and subsequent selection. Energy ROI can also assist commercial, government and industrial clients with renewable energy or imbedded generation system design, energy contract negotiation, tariff optimization and grant funding applications. Essentially we are your one-stop-shop for obtaining the greatest return on your energy investments.