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A complete Energy Management solution for business
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The first step to saving on energy costs is maximising efficiency. EnergyROI assesses your current situation and can help you make the changes needed to get the most value from your energy. We use the most up to date analysis tools and understand the latest technologies to allow your business to reach its full potential.

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Contract Negotiation

Our real-time monitoring of market conditions in the Australian energy sector allows us to identify opportunities and negotiate the best purchasing contracts on your behalf.

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Bill Error Checking

By identifying any errors in your energy bills and conducting detailed analysis based on smart meter time-of-use data we can ensure that your business is on the most cost effective tariff for your current and future needs

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Direct Metering Agreements

Depending on the size and energy use of your business, Direct Metering may be a beneficial option. EnergyROI can identify this and negotiate with suppliers to find the best available deal.

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Site Energy Audits

EnergyROI conducts comprehensive energy audits to identify exactly when, where and how much energy is consumed and use this information to inform exactly where savings can be made.

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Energy Management

Our Service for Fee model allows your business to pay a one-off annual fee for a complete energy management service which will ensure that energy use and costs are always kept to an absolute minimum.

Who We Are

Energy ROI can help your business significantly reduce both energy consumption and costs

For many businesses energy use, particularly electricity and gas consumption, can be one of the largest ongoing costs. EnergyROI offers a range of services that will not only drive energy efficiency in your business but offer innovative options that will ultimately improve your bottom line. Our technical expertise, experience, network of business and industry partners and up to date monitoring of the Australia energy market allow us to offer you the best possible options for lowering and maintaining energy use and costs to a minimum.


Our team of experienced professionals will work to deliver value to your business

Duncan Livingston

Principal Consultant
With a background in engineering and many years of experience in the energy sector, Duncan works with your business to reduce the amount of energy used and to reduce energy costs

Roy Ramage

Energy Consultant
Roy’s work with the renewables sector as an energy manager for local government has saved ratepayers millions of dollars in power bills. His expertise can help your business make significant energy cost savings.

Tom Mills

With more than a decade designing and operating wind farms in North America, New Zealand and Australia, Tom can leverage that experience to assist in optimizing your energy usage and reducing your carbon footprint.